Thursday , May 25 2017
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Gin, tonic vapour cloud might make you drunk at Brisbane show

Melbourne, Sept 3 : Brisbane show director Scott Maidment has defended his decision of presenting a vapour cloud of gin and tonic, saying that it is not about new ways of getting drunk, but to bring an exciting experience for the senses.

Maidment said it is healthy for people, as it won’t affect their lungs, and added that it is also about tasting Juniper Berries, reports.

He further said that the mist’s creator, UK-based culinary architects Bompas and Parr, had biochemists and respiratory experts from the Centre for Altitude, Space and Extreme Environment Medicine, who calibrate the ratio of alcohol to mix.

In order to absorb the large gin and tonic, the people would have to stand for 40 minutes in the cloud room, he added.

Health experts have criticised the attraction, which will be the part of the Fear and Delight dinner and stage show at the Brisbane Festival from Saturday until September 21.

The other aspects such as food being served in buckets, tomato consomme presented in a syringe and a stage performer wearing a noose around his neck attached to helium balloons, will be included in the Fear & Delight show. (ANI)