Saturday , May 27 2017
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GHMC to take up measures against dog menace

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is planning to take the services of Government Veterinary Doctors to control dog menace in a more effective manner.

Around 4 lakh street dogs are existing in the GHMC limits and the Veterinary Wing are trying to check the population of the dogs in the twin cities, said GHMC Commissioner & Special Officer Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy.

The Veterinary wing of the GHMC has taken up the operations of the street dogs in all the private veterinary hospitals, around 25 Veterinary doctors are existing in the GHMC limits from the last two years about 151,000 dog operations have been taken up, for each operation they are chargng around Rs. 40/- in private hospitals, said the Commissioner.

The Commissioner said that the GHMC is coordinating with the Animal Husbandry department to control the said menace to take up birth control measures of the dogs in the twin cities and also planning to help financially to the private Veterinary doctors to take up the operations at the cost of the Government. At present the National Animal Board is charging around Rs. 100/- for birth control operations and Anti Rabis vaccine the amounts which are being spent for the same the GHMC is planning to give financial assistance to those private hospitals for the birth control of the dogs.

A pair of dogs (Male & Female) reproduces around 4000 puppies in a span of 7 years. The life span of the dog is around 8 to 11 years in which every 8 months it will give birth 4 to 6 puppys at a time for which more dogs will be reproduced and there is every need to control these menace without killing them duly taking the operations for the control of rebirth of the dogs.As seen in the records around 90,000 dogs in the year 2014-15 and 60,000 dogs in 2015-16 have been operated.

The GHMC is having around 17 fleet of vehicles with a staff of 102 to control dog menace in the twin cities. These staff will take care of the operations of the dogs after getting operated the ears of the dogs will have a mark of sign as they have been steralised this process will take for at least one week for which each dog costing around Rs. 320 and the GHMC is bearing the cost. The same cost in Mumbai is Rs. 920 and Rs. 750 in New Delhi and Ludhiana and Rs. 650/- in Bangalore and Rs. 590 at Secunderabad Cantonment are being charged. When compare to that of these cities the GHMC is charging only Rs. 320.

The Commissioner said that from the last 2 years it has been observed that there are no cases of Rabis in the twin cities. As per the survey conducted by the Institute of Preventive Medicines at Narayanguda. Around 61,749 dog bite cases have reported in the year 2015-16 and the pet dogs which are being maintained by the citizens must obtained license from the GHMC as per the provisions of the GHMC act for which the Commissioner has instructed the concerned officials to strictly follow the act provisions. (INN)