Sunday , May 28 2017
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GHMC to restore old glory of Afzal Park

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation will restore old glory of Afzal Park adjacent to Osmania Hospital with the cost of Rs. 1.26 Cr to maintain its historical importance and preserve the cultural heritage. But on the other hand government’s decision to demolish Osmania Hospital constructed in European style denotes that the government has no interest in preserving heritage structures instead government through its wilfulness is on its drive to wipe out city’s identity.

Osmania Hospital was built in 1876 at the bank of Musi River. It was known as Afzal Gunj Hospital. The devastating Musi River flood in 1908 which caused heavy destruction to the surroundings of Musi River also hit the hospital. The tamarind tree abutting the old hospital building which saved 150 lives is still standing with pride.

While the move to restore lost sheen of Afzal Park and ‘Saviour tree’ is welcomed, decision to demolish European style architecture Osmania Hospital is being criticised from all corners.

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