Sunday , May 28 2017
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GHMC to purchase 2,000 auto-trolleys to lift garbage

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation is planning to purchase 2,000 auto trolleys to lift the garbage in the entire city limits.

So far, 1977 unemployed youth have approached the corporation seeking auto-trolleys. Meanwhile, several residential welfare associations have approached the GHMC seeking auto-trolleys for their areas. Some of the members of the colony welfare associations have called on GHMC Commissioner Somesh Kumar on Tuesday and handed over the cheques to provide them with auto trolleys.

The representatives of Shanthi Nagar Welfare Association, Umanagar Welfare Association, Kalyannagar Welfare Associations, Greenlands Welfare Associations, Maruti Nagar Welfare Associations and Methodist Welfare Association requested the Commissioner to allot 14 auto trolleys to their colonies for lifting of garbage. Some associations have also offered to maintain parks for which the GHMC would provide Rs. 5 lakh for each park to the association. (INN)