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GHMC to publish ward-wise electoral rolls on Nov 24

GHMC Commissioner and District Election Officer Dr. B. Janardhan Reddy clarified that the application filed for enrolment under continuous revision received after publication of electoral rolls and till the date of election notification issued by the Telangana State Election Commission shall also be disposed off as early as possible.

Dr. Janardhan Reddy informed that the Telangana State Election Commission is contemplating to notify ordinary election to the GHMC shortly. In pursuance of the notification already issued by the State Election Commission, Telangana Ward-wise Photo Electoral Rolls of GHMC is scheduled to be published on November 24 duly adopting the Assembly Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.01.2015 as the qualifying date with supplements till date by the Deputy Commissioners of GHMC concerned.

The District Election Officer said that as per the provisions of GHMC Act, 1955 and rules issued there under, after publication of Ward-wise Photo Electoral Rolls of GHMC, any inclusions or deletions or corrections ordered by the Electoral Registration officers concerned in the Assembly electoral rolls under the jurisdiction of GHMC, on the applications filed under continuous revision under sections 22 or 23 of the RP Act, 1950 till the date of issue of election notification by the SEC shall be carried out in the respective Ward-wise Photo Electoral Rolls of the GHMC.

Dr. Janardhan Reddy said that the process contemplated under sections 22 or 23 of the RP Act, 1950 is continuous in nature and it is a real challenge for the Electoral Registration Officers to process all applications filed and pass suitable orders on the same. The Registration of Electors Rules, 1960 issued there under and the provision of RP Act stipulated the procedure for processing of applications filed under sections 22 or 23 of the RP Act 1950. Under rule 16 of Registration of Electors Rules 1960, the Electoral Registration Officer concerned has to maintain a list of claims and objections received by him under section 22 and 23 of the RP Act, and keep one copy of such list exhibited on the notice board of his office.

The District Election Officer further said that under rule 18 of the said rules, if the Electoral Registration Officer is satisfied as to the validity of the claim or objection, he may allow it without further enquiry after the expiry of one week from the date on which it is entered in the list exhibited by him under clause (b) of rule 16. Provided that where before any such claim or objection has been allowed, a demand for inquiry has been made in writing to the registration officer by any person, it shall not be allowed without further inquiry.

He said that the State Election Commission carefully considered the issue and decided to put in place a systematic mechanism to streamline the processing of applications within a fixed time frame before the issue of election notification in order to eliminate the scope for complaints and litigation. Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred under Article 243-K and Article 243-ZA of the Constitution of India and all other provisions enabling thereto, the TSEC has issued the necessary directions EROs of Assembly Constituencies covering the GHMC area. (INN)