Saturday , May 27 2017
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German photographer Sibyelle Bergemann work on display!

Mumbai :Fashion reportage, photographic essays of urban and rural landscapes by iconic German photographer Sibyelle Bergemann have been brought together for display at the National Gallery of Modern Art here.

Curated from a pool of pictures, the show displays 129 photos which gives a sense of the history of Germany with lively portraits of the Germans and the German monuments and landscape.

The exhibition is curated by Andreas Rost, a student of Sibyelle Bergemann’s husband who closely got a chance to interact and learn from Bergemann.

“The photos give a sense of photojournalism but is actually the personal vision of the photographer and the melancholy that is expressed through her pictures. Also the sequence of the photos displayed at the exhibition was her choice,” Andreas Rost, curator of the exhibition said.

Inaugurated by K K Mittal, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Culture here recently, the exhibition has been travelling through different cities throughout the globe, the last venue being Mumbai.

Photos of Mitte, former Foreign Ministry of GDR, lively pictures of Mazakhn, Springfalls and other such historical and political monuments are on display.

“It is a part of the cultural exchange programme between Indian and Germany. Such moves are going to strengthen the ties between the countries. Exhibitions and festivals are being organised with exchange from the artists which is further going to benefit the ties of the country,” Mittal said.