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George Foreman, Virgil defend ‘good guy’ Hulk Hogan over racism

Washington DC, July 25 : Hulk Hogan, who is currently grasped in his latest racial slur controversy, seems to have earned good friends in the industry as fighters like Virgil and George Foreman stood up to defend the legendary wrestler.

The American black wrestler, Virgil said that Hogan had been his role model and being white he never showed any signs of racism in all the years that he’s known him, reported.

The 53-year-old wrestler added that he was saddened when he got to know about WWE’s legendary wrestler’s controversy as there had been a reason to believe he was a racist and one could only judge a person based on past experience.

In addition to this, the fighter’s old friend Foreman stated that he had known Hogan for over 20 years now and on basis of that he assured the fighter can’t be a racist infact is a good guy.

Notably, Hogan has been embroiled in controversy over using racist slurs that were caught on tape, although it didn’t cite a specific reason.

However, the fighter has since apologised for his comments. (ANI)