Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Geeta is our lost daughter Rani: Khammam couple

We lost our daughter Rani in a festival in Guntur way back in 2006 and we recognise Geeta is our lost daughter claim a couple from Narsapur village of Khammam.

The Couple strengthen their claims by saying even Rani used to have a small mole on her forehead, squint in the eye and warts on her hands.

The couple are farmer and are willing to undergo DNA test and confidently says their daughter would surely recognize them.

However, The actual facts doesn’t match with the Khammam Couple’s claim. Geeta was first noticed by Pakistani rangers in the year 2003. Whereas, The couple says they lost their daughter in 2006.

The movie ‘Bajranji Bhaijaan’ which brought the tale of Geeta to limelight, One Family each from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharhand and Punjab came forward to claim Geeta is their daughter. Ministry for External Affairs is busy finding out the blood relation of Geeta in India.