Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Gambia turns into Islamic democratic country

Gambia: President of Gambia, Yahyah Jammeh declared his country as Islamic Democratic Gambia. Speaking on the state television, he said that Gambia is identified with its religious values. He also said that there won’t be any restrictions on any specific dresses. The followers of other religions are free to profess their faiths. In Gambia, there are 90% Muslims. Earlier, it was a British Colony. This country mostly depends on Foreign aid and tourism. Last year, European Union had discontinued their aid temporarily due to violation of Human Rights.


Mr. Yahyah is the President of this country for the past 21 years. Explaining the reason for declaring his country Islamic, he said that being a predominately Muslim country it cannot be the part of colonial legacy. The other Islamic democratic countries are Iran, Pakistan and Mauritania. It may be noted that President Yahyah had discontinued the relations of his country from Commonwealth in 2013. He had also claimed that he had found out herbal cure for AIDS.