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Freshers from Northeast get warm welcome in Delhi

New Delhi: It’s time to get together, celebrate and share wonderful thoughts!

The Tangkhul Katamnao Long, Delhi (TKLD) recently organised the 12th edition of the “Yarthot Kazip” or fresher’s meet at the Thyagaraj Stadium to welcome new students from North East India.

The fun-filled event marked by musical performances, a fashion show and competitions, was attended by thousands of members of the Tangkhul Naga community and others from the Northeast.

John Zimik, President, TKLD, said, “The main purpose is to bring unity and to share the spirit of love and brotherhood among our community members, especially the Tangkhul community. Also, not only our community, we welcome people from all states to come and share with us. And also to tell the fresher that you have come to Delhi with a purpose to study. The capital city is a land of opportunities. This is the time to grasp them and become the leaders of the nation.”

Sonia Muivah, Guest of Honour, said, “In the Northeast, we don’t get as many opportunities. There are universities no doubt, but, if we want to compete today, it is good that they are coming here and getting exposure to do so many things. When they come here, they should take the opportunity of mixing around, mingling around, learning from others ,not keep to themselves and give a good example of how Northeast people function back home.”

During the event, Thuileng Muivah, a young Tangkhul painter, demonstrated his skills by making a live painting.

Chuisingla, a fresher, said, “This programme makes me feel special. Especially as freshers, we feel that we are welcomed by everyone and it is also a kind of encouragement to achieve our ambitions. So, it’s a great opportunity for all of us.”

Pamyo Chamroy, a student, said, “Delhi is a land of opportunities. If you really strive for it, then, there are a lot of platforms here that we don’t get back home, in terms of education and various modern facilities. So, if you are really passionate about what you want to pursue, then the avenues are endless. Make the best out of the time here in Delhi.”

Music bands like the Extremists, Aces of Underdog and Towering Faith performed during the event.

Extremists, a new Delhi-based band comprising members from Manipur, enthralled the audience by performing popular English numbers

Solo artist Thotsemphi Luithui impressed the audience with her singing skills. Ngathingpam Tangvah, another singer, had the crowd singing along to his Tangkhul songs.

Felix, the lead guitarist of the Extremists, said, “This was our first performance as a band and we really appreciate the opportunity. We had worked hard for it and the outcome was very good. We enjoyed it. It was really good because this kind of festival is like the biggest platform you can ever get. It was a privilege for us and it was a big honour.”

Every year, thousands of youth from the Northeast come to Delhi for better education and career opportunities. Such events allow them to get acquainted with the city and feel a sense of belonging.

By Ipsita Panda (ANI)