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Food festivals: A hub to sate your foodie desires

New Delhi: In the era, where people are lured to try new cuisines and delicacies, food festivals are fulfilling every foodie’s desires with an array of choices.

A perfect blend of food and entertainment, these festivals are becoming the hottest trend in the town, as they have not only given a new hangout place to people, they also allow them to taste a variety of food under the same roof.

Heading ahead of all the food festivals is the Palate Fest, which was founded by two female entrepreneurs Aditi Kapoor and Ruchi Sibal. After its successful debut last year, the Palate fest has returned for its second season in the capital and it is bigger and more entertaining this time.

Taking to ANI during the first day of the three day extravaganza, Aditi and Ruchi revealed why they started this food festival. “We are mothers, we had our kids nine years back so we wanted to do something when our kids were older and were settled in their schools. We thought of doing something we were passionate about and was never seen by the city before, an international level food festival, but at a different scope and level,” said Aditi.

When asked what unique does this food festival has to offer in a city that is already a food hub, Ruchi said, “Palate fest is the first one to get this concept to Delhi, so this is the original food festival of the town. It came out of passion to instead of being a business idea and that is the reason it has not been ticketed which makes it different.”

While the co-founders claimed that this is their effort to give a person opportunity to spend quality time with his family, they also revealed that with this fest they are giving a person chance to taste things he couldn’t have afforded on regular days.

So if you wish to fulfil all your food cravings, you can head to Nehru Park from 27-29 November and give a nice twist to your palate. (ANI)