Friday , May 26 2017
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IS flag hoisting bid to portray contradictory picture: CRPF

The CRPF today said the incidents of hoisting of ISIS and Pakistani flags in parts of Kashmir were an attempt to portray a contradictory picture of patriotic Kashmiris, and described the radicalization of youths as a “critical issue”.

“There are reported incidents of waving of Pakistani and ISIS flags, but I would rather like to submit that these could just be an attempt by some people, perhaps, to sway it otherwise.

“Otherwise, I can always say the people of Kashmir are as patriotic and as heroic as anybody else from the country can be,” CRPF Special DG S K Bhagat told reporters here.

Bhagat said radicalization of Kashmiri youths was a “critical issue” which posed much wider threat.

“The situation of the Valley is a bit complex. There are foreign militants and then there are militants who get the local support. So in that situation, especially, there is an attempt from across the border to put in militants who could disrupt the situation which is day-by-day improving,” he said.

“One thing which I think is very very important is that apart from the challenge of militancy, the radicalization of youths becomes a critical issue. Perhaps this radicalization poses a much wider and a much diverse threat viz-a-viz the militancy situation,” he said.

The CRPF Special DG, however, said that radicalization was not religion specific.

“That is not the issue. We are not hinting at religion as such because that interpretation is wrong,” he said.

He said that radicalized youths could be some people who could be “misguided” but there was a need to look into what the people at large want.

“They want a good life, they want a secure life. They want a life in which they can prosper and their aspirations can be met. They can have a grand life. They can actualize what they aspire for.

“So, those issues are very important and radicalization is one thing that is a challenge not only for the country…But has international dimensions also,” Bhagat said.