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`Finding Dory`s teaser is all about `swimming`

London, Nov 11 : The most-anticipated flick ‘Finding Dory’s first teaser has been released and it tells about blue tang Dory’s journey of finding his family.

When Disney released the teaser of highly-appreciated ‘Finding Nemo’s sequel, fans went crazy especially because of Dory, which is voiced by Ellen Degeneres, the Daily Star reported.

The story is all about forgetful Dory, who is being chased by Nemo and his father Marlin as Dory sleep-swims, and suddenly he thinks she has actually remembered something.

Though not much is given away in the teaser, the film appears to be following Dory as she tries to find her family.

Finding Dory is set to hit the theatres in July 2016. (ANI)