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Fatehabad SP ‘transferred’ after spat with minister

New Delhi, Nov. 28 : 24 hours after her public spat with Haryana’s Health Minister Anil Vij, where she had an argument with him over the rampant illegal sale of alcohol in Ratia, bordering Punjab, Fatehabad Superintendent of Police Sangeeta Kalia has been transferred.

The woman IPS officer was asked to leave the district grievances’ committee meeting in Fatehabad by Vij after her argument with him. When she flatly refused to do so, a furious Vij walked out of the meeting hall at the Panchayat Bhawan.

“I have informed the Chief Minister about this incident as it is very serious. Yesterday an NGO came up to us with a compliant and I asked her about it. Instead of answer me she started shouting at the NGO and the others present. This can’t be allowed as it is the responsibility of the police to maintain law and order. My fight will continue against officials who are not working,” Vij told ANI.

Earlier, during the grievance meeting, representatives of an NGO, informed Vij about the illegal sale of alcohol was rampant in Ratia, bordering Punjab.

Vij asked Kalia to explain the situation and she responded saying that the illegal business always resumed once the responsible got out of jail while asserting that a large number of cases have already been registered and that the police is maintaining caution.

Vij, however, did not seem to be satisfied with her answer and accused the police of being involved to which Kalia countered him, angering the minister who asked her to leave the venue at once.

After Kalia refused to do so, an enraged Vij stormed out of the meeting with his entourage. (ANI)