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Fans points ’35 flaws’ in latest Bond film

English actor Daniel Craig walks during the shooting of scenes for the 24th James Bond movie 'Spectre' in Rome on February 21, 2015. The 24th film in the Bond film series, 'Spectre' is slated for release later this year. AFP PHOTO / TIZIANA FABI

Melbourne, Nov 30 : It seems like latest James Bond film ‘Spectre’ has failed to impress the fans as they pointed out around 35 bloopers in the film.

Pointing out the flaw, one of the fans wrote, “In the plane chase scene, when the plane hits the car, one of the wheels comes off. In the next view, all the landing gear is intact”, while another tweeted, “When the ­helicopter crashes, Bond’s speedboat goes to the river bank and he runs on to the bridge. Somehow, the police are already there, taping off the scene,” reports.

Another user pointed out, “When Hinx appears in the dining car on the train, the rest of the passengers in that car immediately disappear. Also the barman when they enter that part of the train and the kitchen staff too.”

Other mistakes include a No. 15 bus travelling to a part of London it doesn’t serve, Daniel’s shoes changing mid-scene and a plane miraculously fixing itself.

It is said that despite the flaws, the film, which cost a whopping 200 million dollar to make, was hit at the Box Office. (ANI)