Friday , August 18 2017
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Fan hits One Direction’s Harry Style in the face with bottle

Los Angeles (US): One Direction frontman Harry Styles was left a little stunned stunned after he was hit by a bottle during a concert in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group was performing at Lincoln Financial Field when a fan threw a bottle of water onstage, striking Styles’ face while he was in the middle of their closing tune, ‘Best Song Ever’, prompting the 21-year-old to exit the stage early, reported BBC online.

Following the incident, attendee Hanna Cooke posted a message on Twitter, taking responsibility for the act. “I accidentally hit him in the face and he doesn’t even notice me what a waste,” Cooke wrote.

After her admission, she was attacked on the social media site.

She subsequently posted an apology writing, “As I’ve said so many times, I’m truly sorry. I apologise to Harry and his family for doing such a ridiculous and stupid thing. I laughed because I was shocked and I didn’t know what to do. I never meant to hurt him. I love Harry with all my heart and I promise you I feel so bad. I’m sure Harry doesn’t want his fans to tell someone that they should die, not even after what I did.”

Styles’ mother also waded into the furor, initially scolding audience members who were throwing things, but later asking fans to refrain from threatening Cooke.