Thursday , May 25 2017
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Extend Rs 6 lakh ex gratia to all who ended lives after TRS assumed power: TDP

Telangana TDP Mahila Morcha president Bandla Shobharani today demanded that the TRS government apply Rs 6 lakh ex gratia to the families of deceased farmers from the date of the TRS came into power in the State.

In a joint media conference at NTR trust bhavan, Shobharani said during the last 15 months over 1,300 farmers committed suicides and the KCR government should pay Rs 6 lakh ex gratia to each family of the deceased farmers.

Deploring the State government’s decision making Rs 6 lakh compensation applicable to those farmers who committed suicide after September 19, she demanded that the government make the enhanced Rs 6 lakh ex-gratia applicable to those who ended their lives before September 19. Had KCR taken this decision ten months ago, so many farmers would not have committed suicides, she said, adding it was victory of the TDP which has been demanding financial assistance to distressed farmers.

Another TDP leader Rajaram Yadav alleged that  the TRS government has not fulfilled a single promise so far. The Chief Minister has totally ignored welfare of BCs and not a single word uttered about the welfare of this section, he added. He also questioned about KCR’s promises to allot three acres to Dalits, double bedroom, 12% reservation to STs and 9% reservation to Muslims. He also accused KCR of deliberately neglecting Osmania University, which lacked basic facilities. The OU students, who played a major role in Telangana agitation from the beginning, were depending on the mercy of KCR for facilities.

TDP leader Pratap Reddy alleged that Chief Minister KCR was afraid of GHMC elections and feeling insecure. He alleged that the State government was trying to delete lakhs of  names of settlers under the limits of GHMC, who support the TDP. He also alleged that the State government should pay Rs 6 lakh ex-gratia to each of 1,314 farmers, who committed suicides so far. If the TRS government failed to do so, the TDP would stage a dharna in front of the CM’s camp office along with family members of the victims. (NSS)