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Exhibition showing “anthro-biometric art” showcased

Bengaluru :A new form of cosmic art whose creator claims can direct conscious thought process as compared to paintings that influence the artistic inclinations of the mind, is being showcased here.

Described as “anthro-biometric art” by its creator R K S Muthukrishnan, the cosmic art is woven around abstract mystic symbols based on the sacred geometric principles of the “Sri Yantra”, “the Swastika”, Jain cosmic symbols and the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

Created between 2004 and 2007, the art captures the multitudes of shades and hues of cosmic rays as sensed by the artist.

Muthukrishnan hails from Kambalathu Nayakar tribe from Tamil Nadu. The tribe’s practice in the “art of divination” has been well documented in a research paper by Aruptharani Sengupta who teaches history at the Department of Art, National Mueseum, Delhi.

Muthukrishnan, in a release here, said this is the first time that a restospective of his art works had been put on display anywhere in the country or abroad. The cosmic art is in show here from October 9 to 31 at the Galleria.

Sublime Galeria has earned wide recognition for putting Bengaluru on the global art map through its exhibitions that have showcased the works of renowned artists of international repute.

As many as 20 cosmic art pieces are on display at the show. Each work of anthro-biometric art is meant to direct conscious human thought in particular ways to benefit an individual’s efforts in his actions, Muthukrishnan claimed.