Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Exemption must be based on trust, says Bassi on odd-even formula

New Delhi: Delhi Police Commissioner B.S. Bassi on Tuesday said the police force will work according to the notification regarding the odd-even policy and urged people not to lie as exemptions will be based on trust.

“We got the notification and have studied it. As far as we are concerned, our work is law enforcement. We will not go into the merits and demerits. We will work according to the notification from 1st of January. If you see the notification, this exemption will be based on trust to use medical emergency that is why I urged the public not to lie. The public should not go under the influence of fake number plate,” Bassi told the media here.

“If you go through the Motor Vehicle Act, it eliminates a large number of traffic violations. We are taking action in regard to all these violations, that is why the number of fatal accidents in Delhi have been reducing. Notwithstanding manpower constrains, we have been working. We have taken a number of steps which has improved road safety,” he added.

“DP urges people not to misuse the exemption no. 23 – medical emergency – of the Odd Even Notification. Be truthful while claiming it. Thanks,” he said in a tweet.

Bassi added that the Odd-Even notification levied a fine of Rs. 2000 under Section 194(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, compounding powers under Section 200(1) of the Act.

He also urged the people to follow the norms. (ANI)