Saturday , August 19 2017
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EX-Cong MLA KLR Blasts Jaipal, Uttam, Shabbir for Flaying KCR

Forum to Support KCR has taken exception to the criticism leveled against the Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao by the Congress leaders S Jaipal Reddy, Uttam kumar Reddy and Shabbir Ali stating that there were similarities between Narendra Modi and KCR.

Addressing the media at NSS here today, Forum Chairman and former MLA Konda Lakshmaa Reddy lambasted Jaipal Reddy for his failure to help the physically handicapped, though he himself was handicapped, while he was in power for long years as Minister in Andhra Pradesh and at the Centre. Lakshmaa Reddy said that the Congress leaders’ remarks that both Modi and KCR were anti-farmers, had exposed their innocence and ignorance. He said that KCR had the credit of struggling for separate Telangana, going on 12 day fast, forcing the Centre to create Separate State. After formation of separate Telangana State, KCR was concentrating on Kakatiya Mission, Water Grid, completing of pending Irrigation Projects and supplying nine hours electricity supply to farmers, which shows his utmost interest in the welfare of farmers.

He further flayed Jaipal Reddy for his failure to work for Telangana or bring any project for the State, during his tenure as Union Minister. He warned Jaipal Reddy to stop criticizing KCR who is struggling for the welfare of different sections of people and the development of the State.

Lakshma Reddy asserted that the victory of TRS candidate was a certainty in Warangal by-election and the Congress party would lose deposit. He said that the it was not proper for the Congress party, which ruled Bihar once, to feel proud by winning a few seats as partner of the Grand alliance. (NSS)