Friday , July 21 2017
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Ensure common education system in the country: experts

New Delhi: Hitting out at the government’s skill-based programmes, a group of experts today alleged that the Centre is aiming to train the youth of weaker section under the scheme depriving them of higher education.

They appealed the Centre to ensure common education system in the country while expressing concern over quality of education being given to students.

The experts were Speaking at a round-table conference– ‘Sansad Mein Shiksha’ (Education in Parliament)– organised by Students Islamic Organisation (SIO), the student wing of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind.

“In India, around 54 crore students are undertaking education at different levels. We should have common education system to train them. If that doesn’t happen, no matter how much money you put in, prepare attractive schemes… It is not going to help,” campaigner of all India Forum for Right to Education, Professor Anil Sadgopal, said.

Asserting that privatisation of education was a matter of concern, Sadgopal also alleged that students of lower section of the society were being deprived of higher education on the name of skill development.

“Imparting knowledge, values and skills make training complete. But efforts are being made to isolate skill and train students, especially those from weaker section who form 78 per cent of the total number of students. In a way, message is being sent that skill is for weaker section and knowledge and values are for those from upper section,” he added.

The educationists insisted to have “right policies” and said the Government should focus on ensuring higher education for students from weaker/backward sections.

Another member of the forum, Madhu Prasad, batted for education system that is devoid of caste and gender biases.

Accusing RSS of trying to spread its ideology through educational institutes, she said religious practices like rendering prayers are being made part of academics.

“Another issue is of making Sanskrit compulsory. It is a classical language, but can’t be forced on one,” she said.

SIO national secretary Thouseef Madikeri, who compiled an analytical report ‘Sansad Mein Shiksha’, expressed concern over MPs raising petty issues relating to field of education in Parliament during past one year than serious ones.

He stressed need for teaching subjects like Arabic in universities to bring madrassas students in mainstream.