Saturday , May 27 2017
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English, Mandarin, Hindi will play significant role in digital world: PM Modi

Bhopal, Sept. 10 : Emphasising the significance of Hindi as a language, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said that in the future, English, Mandarin and Hindi will play a very important role in the digital world.

“According to the tech-savvy, three languages will play a very significant role in the digital world and they are English, Mandarin and Hindi,” Prime Minister Modi said.

Addressing the 10th World Hindi Summit, the Prime Minister also emphasised the role of Hindi in a globalised world.

“Today, in the globalised world language, Hindi plays a very important role. I want to explain the impact of language around the world with an example. Some time back, there was a festival named ‘Hanukkah’ is Israel which is similar to India’s Diwali and Dusherrah. I had wished the Prime Minister of Israel through twitter in Hebrew. I was glad to know that he acknowledged it within three to four hours and thanked me in Hindi,” PM Modi said.

“We should make sure that our language(Hindi) is strengthened and gets recognition around the world. These days when I visit countries around the world whether it is Obama or Putin they say ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’. It only shows that when we go outside our country, people accept our language,” Modi added.

On relation between language and literature, PM Modi said, “Languages and knowledge are the two sides of the same coin. If we haven’t read any book which our great historians had written then we would have no idea of the condition of India and its people in their time. If we don’t read the work of Prem Chad, then we cannot understand the village life of his time. If the language is not able to survive, then the work of our great writers will also not survive.” (ANI)