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Efforts of A.P.’s Minorities Minister to grab Wakf Land foiled

It is very difficult to protect Wakf Properties but when the Govt. and its officials are involved in grabbing them, it becomes all the more difficult. One such incident came to limelight in Anantapur District of A.P.


Dr. P. Raghunath Reddy who holds the portfolio of Minorities Welfare runs many colleges under the banner of Balaji Educational Society. In order to get passage for one of his colleges, Wakf land pertaining to Masjid and Graveyard was acquired. Later, an attempt was made to widen the passage for another 40 feet, some more land was acquired. At the stage of registration of this Wakf property, the Director of Town and Country Planning of Govt. of A.P. sought clarification from Wakf Board which clarified that it is the Wakf land.


The Mutawalli of the property  had already signed the Memorandum of Understanding with Balaji Educational Society permitting it to acquire 255.8 sq.yards for the construction of road. Soon after getting this information, CEO of Wakf Board informed Special Secretary of the Department of Minorities Welfare saying that it is a Wakf property and Mutawalli has no authority to sell or gift it. There is no provision under Wakf Act to sell, mortgage or gift Wakf Property to anyone. The MoU signed by Mutawalli is illegal and stern action should be taken against Mutawalli. The timely alertness of the officials of Wakf Board forced Minorities Welfare Minister of Govt. of A.P. to with the agreement. He consented to give back the land acquired previously. The Minister had allocated another piece of land near the mosque in lieu of the Wakf land acquired earlier. It was agreed to keep this land also as Wakf property. In this manner, Wakf Board of A.P. has been successful to protect valuable Wakf property in Hindupore Town of Anantapur District. These transactions were made with the connivance of the officials of Wakf Board earlier but the higher officials of the Department of Minorities Welfare foiled their efforts.



–Siasat News