Sunday , May 28 2017
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Eatala slams Revanth for loose comment

Finance and Civil Supplies Minister Eatala Rajender today lashed out at Telugu Desam party’s comments that poor quality of ration rice was being supplied to the hostels.

Talking to reporters at TRS Legislature Party office here on Monday, Eatala accused TDLP deputy leader Revanth Reddy of politicizing the supply of fine rice to the hostels. Rajender condemned the comments of Revanth that the government was polishing ration rice and sending the same to the hostels and the quality was not good.

The Finance Minister also found fault with Revanth Reddy for stating that the quality of rice can be found by sending a sample to a laboratory. The minister said the ration rice will not become good by polishing and the comments are baseless. He said the department was sending fine rice to the hostels to enable the students get better food, he claimed. The TRS government was giving priority to welfare spending Rs 642 crore and brought all hostels under one umbrella, he said.

“As per Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao’s directive, we are supplying fine rice to the welfare hostels across the State and the students were enjoying the food. The TDP leaders can check whether the hostels were receiving fine rice or not”, he suggested. He also recalled that during previous Telugu Desam regime, the hostel students were put to hardships and much inconvenience through supply of poor quality rice, he charged. He was critical that Revanth or any other leaders are not aware of the hostel stay and the problems.

“During the statehood movement, we stayed in the hostels and found their problems. The TDP leaders evinced interest only in minting money ignoring the plight of the students and welfare of the people. The Telugu Desam leaders should stop making such bad comments instead keep quiet. We are not going back on the promise of welfare and development”, he remarked. (NSS)