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Dy. CM instructs officials to issue creamy layer certificate to Muslim candidates

Hyderabad: Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali issued instruct to Tehsildars and District Collectors not to delay in the issue of creamy layer certificates to Muslim candidates. He convened a meeting of the revenue officials on the issue of creamy layer certificates which is essential for the candidates applying for PSC jobs. The officials of the Department of Minorities Welfare informed him that the condition of submission of creamy layer certificate is not restricted to BC-E but all the candidates belonging to BC category should submit this certificate. This information was sought from the Department of BCs Welfare. In this context Supreme Court Orders and the GO issued by integrated A.P. were also furnished. After the formation of Telangana State, this GO was in vogue. It stipulates that the families earning less than 6 lakh rupees per annum should produce non-creamy leader certificate.

Mr. Mahmood Ali instructed the Secretary of the Department of Minorities Welfare to contact the Chairman and Secretary of TSPSC. He further told that there should be no injustice to Muslim candidates in getting jobs. He reiterated that Govt. will implement 4% existing reservations for Muslims. He asked the officials to review the website of TSPSC and see if the production of creamy layer certificate is made essential only for Muslim candidates, it should be amended. He also made a reference of the report published in Siasat Urdu Daily in which it was pointed out that injustice is being meted out to Muslim candidates.

Mr. Syed Omer Jaleel, IAS, told that he would talk to the authorities of TSPSC and if this certificate is essential for all the categories of BC, instructions would be issued to MRO and Collectors to issue non-creamy layer certificates to the candidates as early as possible so that no injustice could be done to them.

It may be noted that TSPSC has made it compulsory for the selected candidates belonging to BC-E category to produce non-creamy layer certificates. Govt. did not provide the proforma of non-creamy layer certificate to Revenue Authorities. These officials are pleading ignorance about the issue of these certificates. TSPSC has published specimen of non-creamy layer certificate on its website to facilitate the candidates but non acceptance of this proforma by Revenue officials is creating anxiety among the candidates and their parents.

After the formation of separate State, Telangana Govt. has decided to fill up more than one lakh vacancies at one stretch. The first phase of recruitment had also been started. Demanding creamy and non-creamy layer certificate from the Muslim candidates all of a sudden might deprive the opportunities of getting even 4% reservations provided for Muslim candidates.

Mr. Mahmood Ali assured that if need be the conditions of recruitment would be amended and full justice would be done to the Muslim candidates. Govt. would ensure that no Muslim candidate is deprived of 4% reservations.

–Siasat News