Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Donald Trump—you won’t be a triumph

Wajid Khan

Donald Trump, let’s hope he won’t be a triumph in the US presidential elections due in November 2016. Of late, he is behaving like an RSS or Shiv Sena leaders who are after the life of Muslims without knowing the ground realities that what is happening in the world is not at all their fault.

He is now telling that mosques all over the US will be under surveillance as if mosques are the headquarters of the breeding terrorists. His this statement caused the wrath of the Muslims of Pakistan and Indonesia who had denounced his anti-Muslim statement.

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is very careful and diplomatic as and when she had attended any of her election campaign or fundraising.

In fact, Donald has a long way to go but he has started behaving as if he is the president of United States. Back home, if we look at our national and local leaders, we would find a number of them having grudge against Muslims, though they always give sugar-coated statements about Muslims but the venom inside them, cannot be hidden.

Of late, even super stars of Shahrukh Khan and Amir Khan’s caliber were not spared and they were dragged to one or the other controversy. Nobody ever tried to go to the root cause of the spread of terrorism. Sometime, what our eyes see is not the actual fact but an illusion.

Politicians of any country seem to belong to the category of the people who could not be trusted. Donald Trump is one of them. His points of views are totally against Muslims and anti-Islam. However, even the Jews are not in the good books of the Americans anymore.

Since Jews lobby is very strong in the US and always the deciding factor of its economy. American people had loved Bill Clinton as a president despite the controversy involving Monica Lewinsky.

On the other hand, his wife and former first lady Hillary Clinton had served as the Secretary of State (Foreign Minister) quite successfully without landing herself into any controversy in the first tenure of Barack Obama’s administration.

Her e-mail controversy is the fresh development and it doesn’t make any difference to the lady who is no longer in the government. Americans still like her. The governor of Louisiana, Indian-American Bobby Jindal is already withdrawn from the presidential race and now the focus is on Hillary.

It is said that whatever happens in the American politics, its impacts are felt all over the world. Trump is behaving like our own Uddhav Thackeray and other saffronized leaders but that doesn’t suit him.

An American president is one who is capable of handling the world politics. For Donald Trump, no Iftar Parties in white House. Not upgrading any Muslim genius to any higher American posts.

What happened to the teenager boy who had invented a clock but was misunderstood and labeled as a terrorist and later was called by Obama to white House as a gesture of honouring him.

Donald Trump would not have done so, had he been at the helm of the affairs. Americans are peace-loving people and Donald Trump would definitely snatch peace from them if he was assigned the reign of the government next year.

So please, be aware and cool my dear Americans and choose a person who is capable of understanding you, understanding America, understanding world politics and understanding what is what and who is who.

Moreover, America would create another history if Hillary becomes the first woman president of the country after the completion of the tenure of America’s first black president Barack Obama.

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