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Does India really need `Outcome Based Education`?

New Delhi, Nov 7 : In order to accommodate the growing number of students wanting to become engineers, there has been mushrooming of institutes and this has led to decline in quality of education and to solve this issue India needs to adopt Outcome Based Education and bring it at par with international standards.

While addressing at the 2nd International Conference on ‘Recent Developments in Science, Engineering and Technology (‘REDSET-2015′)’ organized by the School of Engineering, G.D. Goenka University, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Paliwal, OSD, Rashtriya Uchtar Siksha Abhiyan highlighted how the expansion of education in India has not followed a sustainable model.

Dr. Paliwal said that sustainability has a degree with a time limit. What seems sustainable today might fail in the coming time.

Prof. (Dr.) Raj Singh, Vice Chancellor, GD Goenka University, discussed the impact of technology on society and environment and highlighted the importance of research on sustainability. (ANI)