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Dilip Kumar and his lady loves…

Did you know that Dilip Kumar was attracted to renowned actress, Kamini Kaushal and admitted that she was his first love. It was on the sets of ‘Shaheed’ they felt for each other but Kamini was already committed to her late sister’s husband as she promised her dying sister to look after her children. She did so. It was difficult for her to move out and Dilip too took steps to avoid the destruction of a family.

Well who don’t know this love story? Madhubala is a beauty icon in India. Dilip Kumar and Madhubala were known the first most beautiful couple of Bollywood. The valentine lady, Madhubala was so in love with tragedy king Dilip Kumar that she wants to spend her whole life with him.
Both were engaged to married but the two broke up due to Dilip’s ego issues.

The breakup incident was Madhubala’s father who didn’t want her to shoot at a particular location which the director chosen. He was determined to change the location which director refused. Dilip Kumar tried to convince her father but in vain and actress refused to disobey her father.

Dilip then advice B.R Chopra take law help and apparently they won the case against Madhubala. Her father image was ruined like a greedy man. When it came to their marriage she told she is ready to marry him and will end her career, if he apologizes to her father. But Dilip refused to so and the two broke up.

After break up, she was married actor/singer Kishore Kumar and he moved on after meeting Saira Banu.


Tragedy king was introduced to beauty queen Saira Banu to be paired opposite him in the movie. Saira was a big fan of Dilip Kumar even confessed her love with Dilip’s on-screen image since the age of 12. She stated that her biggest dream was to marry Dilip Kumar and fortunately she made her dream came true.

In year 1966, their fairytale romance culminated into a marriage when she was 22 and he was 44.
So they say, Dilipji was also in a relationship with an attractive lady named Asma. Rumors have it that Dilip saab was about to divorced Saira Banu to get married to Asma. It is not confirmed that where and when he met her and whether she is still in his Nikah or not. Therefore his 2nd marriage was proved a mistake.

Dilip Kumar goes to several affairs but married to best match. Saira Banu gives up acting and has been taking pleasure in her role as a homemaker. And then, as they say, the two lived happily ever after.