Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Despite Ganesh Immersion, Raahgiri filled with people

Despite the festival around in town and Ganesh immersion, Raahgiri was filled with lots of fun activities and people flooded the road as usual.  This explains well the people’s bond with Raahgiri.

The day also saw, the Nigerians in the city get together under the banner of  The Nigerian Association of Telangana State and organized a Pre-Independence Walk – ‘A Walk for Change’ with fellow Raahgirian’s as a way of celebrating Nigeria’s Independence Day on 1st October.

Nigeria as a Nation gained independence in October 1st, 1960 and various activities happens on that day in different countries. Apart from the Independence Walk, the Nigerian Association is giving back to their society on this Thursday 1st October. as a way of appreciating their freedom and also gives hope to the needy in their community. At Raahgiri they had some sports & Fun activities, dancing to Bollywood songs, Hand written quotes about Nigeria and Africa.

Devil’s Circuits engaged people with special sporting games and obstacles. Devils Circuit is India’s biggest Sports party. The first ever Obstacle running series in India, Devil Circuit defines a new concept in running.

Fitzop engaging kids, families and youth with the various games in regards with the Fitness Carnival coming up next week

Passion Reels have conducted Snake and Ladder activities. Shel Studio Design n Events LLP organised an activity with Kiyaa Dolls.  CYKUL as usual engaged many Raahgirians with Cycling Activity, which has been the all time favourite activity at Raahgiri.  Various sporting activities were conducted by Geo Meridien such as running, cup race, push up’s, dice, etc., (INN)