Thursday , May 25 2017
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Dengue: AAP to open ‘fever clinics’ in Delhi

New Delhi :The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) today said it will set up “fever clinics” across Delhi to offer free treatment to dengue patients, while accusing the BJP ruled civic bodies of “total failure” in containing the spread of the vector-borne disease.

Addressing a news conference, Delhi unit party secretary Dilip Pandey claimed that malaria inspectors of Municipal Corporations, who are supposed to look into the matter, are not doing their job properly and have been instructed from the “top” to do so.

Pandey said the party has approached doctors in its capacity and these medicos will provide “free treatment” to dengue patients.

“We have approached private medical practitioners in Delhi who can treatment patients free of cost. Teams have been formed to work on it. As of now, we are opening 30 clinics and the number is likely to increase up to 60-70 clinics.

“We should make the list public by the end of the week.

The load on hospitals will come down after these clinics become functional,” he said.

The AAP leader also lambasted the Municipal Corporations of Delhi (MCD) for their “in-action” in preventing the disease.

“The Delhi government is looking at the curative part but the work of prevention is being done by the MCD, which are ruled by the BJP. Ideally it should have taken steps like fogging to contain the spread of the disease, but that has not happened adequately,” he said.

Pandey alleged that the malaria inspectors have got “orders from the top, who wants the AAP government to be blamed for increasing number of dengue patients.”

The AAP will also undertake a “house-to-house” campaign in which party volunteers will make people aware of the disease and report to the local malaria inspector if they come across any dengue patient.

“Around 1,200 volunteers will be deployed for this campaign starting this Saturday. They will give the list of dengue patients to the local malaria inspector, following which it will become necessary for them to fog the houses where the patients are found,” Pandey added.