Friday , July 28 2017
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Delhi girl sexually abused by her mother

New Delhi: A girl, student of a college affiliated to Delhi University alleged that she was sexually abused by her mother. She also alleged that her mother used to tear her clothes and touch her indecently when she is angry. She was kept under house-arrest for days, she added.

“I have been subjected to physical and mental torture by my parents since childhood but at that point I thought it is normal for parents to beat their children. However, when I reached senior school, I was shocked with the behavior of my mother. She used to grope me, touch my private parts. My father also used to sexually abuse me. My parents even used to stop me from interacting with my friends.” She said.

Talking about the incident of one morning, girl said that her mother entered her room while she was sleeping and groped her. When she resisted, she insisted not to resist.

Girl said that after mustering courage she decided to seek police help but when police refused to take her complaint she seek the help of Delhi Police Commissioner and the case was filed under Section 12 of the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The girl who is staying with her friends alleged that her mother has been sending her abusive text messages ever since she left home.

Taking action on the petition which girl filed in the Delhi court, summon is issued against her parents.