Friday , July 21 2017
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Delhi: BJP moves ten amendments to Jan Lokpal Bill

New Delhi: Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Vijender Gupta today moved ten amendments to the Janlokapal Bill, 2015, which was tabled by the AAP government in the House on November 30.
Gupta said he will also meet Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to tell him about the need for “adopting” these amendments.

“I will meet the Chief Minister to impress upon him the need for adopting these amendments in order to make the Janlokpal Bill compliant to the Constitution of India and an effective instrument against fighting the corruption,” he said.

His recommendations for amendment to the Bill involve its important provisions related to appointment of Janlokpal, qualification of a member, removal of chairperson or members, constitution of special courts and transfer or suspension of public servant.

Gupta’s amendment on appointment of Janlokpal calls for sending recommendation of the Janlokpal Selection Committee to the President through the Lt Governor who will take a final decision regarding the appointment.
“Section – 3 ( c ) of the Janlokpal Bill on appointment of Janlokpal clearly makes Lt Governor a mere puppet,” he said.

With regard to transfer or suspension of “public servants” by proposed Janlokapl, he has moved amendment that the word “public servant” will include only such Central Government Employees who are on deputation to Delhi Government.
He has also moved amendment concerning provision of Special Courts as per Section 18 of the Bill, adding it is against Article 239 AA 3(a) of the Constitution of India.

“The Government, may request the Chief Justice of the High Court of Delhi, to designate any court of competent jurisdiction as special court, for any proceedings initiated under this Act,” he said.

Other amendments moved by the Leader of Opposition in the Janlokpal Bill pertain to role of the Lt Governor, Presidential assent for appointing Janlokpal and suspension of chairperson or members.