Friday , May 26 2017
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Death toll of Indians in Mecca`s Haj stampede rises to 35

New Delhi: With six more deaths being announced in the recent stampede, the toll of Indians from the worst Haj tragedy in 25 years near the Saudi holy city of Mecca rose to 35 on Sunday.

External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj confirmed the news. On microbloging website Twitter Swaraj wrote: “Unfortunately, there are six more Indians taking the toll to 35.”

The six dead pilgrims include four from Gujarat and one each from Jharkhand and Bihar.

The names of the victims from Gujarat are: Mohamed Yunus Rahimbhai Mansuri, Bibi Ismail, Maherunnisha Hanif and Mohammed Yusuf Sikandarmiya Malik. The dead person from Bihar was Jaibun Nisha and from Jharkhand was Nashima Khatoon.

In another tweet Swaraj posted the link of a Facebook page of Governmnet of India’s -Haj Mission Indian Consulate Jeddah- giving details regarding the ‘Control room for assistance to affected families from Mina stampede’.

Swaraj also said that the Indian embassy officials were providing all help to the bereaved families.

She further said that the Saudi authorities have released photos of 1,090 pilgrims who have died in the stampede.

In the morning today, the external affairs ministry announced seven more deaths from last Thursday’s stampede near Mecca in Saudi Arabia.

The dead pilgrims included five from Kerala and one each from Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh.

The seven from Kerala were: Faaiz Abdul Muneer Veettil, Amina Beevi Mohammed Shafi Musaliar, Abdul Rahiman Asarithodi, Puthu Veettil Kunhimon and Moinuddin Abdul Kader. The dead from Uttar Pradesh was identified as Anvar Janha, and the one from Jharkhand as Mansurul Haque.