Thursday , August 24 2017
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‘Dead’ woman makes miraculous recovery in Pakistan

A 55-year-old pregnant Pakistani woman believed to be dead ‘came back to life’ today while she was being given a bath prior to her burial here.

Manzooran Bibi, from Dumba Goth near the Super Highway, was brought to a Edhi foundation’s morgue by her husband for the performance of final rites and burial when he thought she died after falling unconscious.

However, when staff began performing ‘ghusl’ (the ritual of giving bath before burial) on the woman, she suddenly came to life, Anwar Kazmi, the spokesman for the Edhi Trust said.

“No one bothered to call the doctor or take her to a doctor to confirm whether she was alive or dead,” said Kazmi.

Kazmi said that Bibi got up while being bathed and started reciting the Kalma. Bibi was sent back with her husband 30 minutes later.

Kazmi said they received around 20 to 25 bodies daily at the mortuary for preparing them for the final burial rites.

Some television channels later showed the woman in a state of shock and joy as she repeatedly kept on reciting religious verses and thanking God for giving her a fresh lease of life.