Monday , May 29 2017
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DCP South Zone warns against mischief during transportation of animals

Hyderabad: DCP of South Zone, Mr. B. Satyanarayana clearly mentioned that there is no restriction on the transportation of oxen and for transporting them, no veterinary certificate is essential. He further told that some fundamentalist organizations are planning to disrupt the peaceful atmosphere of the city by playing mischief. Police is vigilant. He informed that as per the cow slaughter act there is a restriction on cows and calves. He informed that in south zone, seven police check posts have been setup. He told the people not to get confused because police will not intervene in the transportation of oxen. Police officials have been given clear instructions in this regard. He also told that some miscreants had spread the rumour that veterinary certificate is required for the transportation of oxen also due to which the traders of big animals were worried. The farmers who sell these big animals were also anxious. It is not the responsibility of the police officials to check veterinary certificates. GHMC is responsible for this. Police will take action only when cows are transported. He warned that police will take stern action against those who take law into their hands. Special teams of police have been constituted to identify the miscreants. He also warned the police officials not to involve in corruption. He requested the people not to offer any bribe to anyone. In case of any difficulty, people can contact Mr. V. Satyanarayana, IPS, DCP of South Zone at his cellphone number 9490616476.



–Siasat News