Saturday , July 29 2017
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Dadri incident decided the fate of Bihar

Dadri: Bisada Village of Dadri in UP played a key role in sweeping the floor in Bihar elections. The villages of this area assembled around TV sets to know the up to date results of Bihar Assembly which were being announced from time to time from various TV channels. They were of the opinion that the results of Bihar polling reflected secular verdict rejecting politics of hatred.

In this village, Mohammad Akhlaq (52) was lynched by a right-wing mob two months back after the announcement made from a temple airing the rumour that Akhlaq’s house had beef. This rumour was circulated which resulted in an unprecedented attack on his house killing him brutally. People of this village had a feeling that it was a relief for them as if BJP’s rout had exculpated the village of its collective guilt. It was a clear indication that the politics of hate did not work in Bihar.

Akhlaq’s eldest son, Sartaj told that the Bihar verdict is a tribute to his slain father and secular people joined to uproot communal forces. He appealed to all the politicians not to spread hatred in the country to divide its people merely for assuming power.