Monday , May 29 2017
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Cyberabad police to honour nine Good Citizens

The Cyberabad Police had started the practice of recognizing the efforts of public and citizens whenever they went out of their way to help policing, catch criminals, maintain peace and order, or give vital information.

Every quarterly, such ‘Good Citizens’ are identified and are awarded a ‘Good Citizen Certificate’ and a cash reward of Rs.1,000/- by the Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad. This is part of an effort to involve the community in policing.

This time, nine citizens were selected for this award. They are: Yarra Chandra Shekhar S/o Tata Rao, Age 28 yrs The nominee caught hold of a notorious offender by name Mella Seenaiah Sundar and handed over to police who hereby detected 18 House Breaking cases.

Sarpella Sunil Varma S/o Ramalinga Raju,, Age 30 yrs. The nominee has given valuable information about running of illegal gambling and prostitution dens.

Smt. Sunka Saroja W/o Laxmirajyam, 47, Radapala Saroja W/o Yadaiah, 35, K. Amala W/o Yadagiri, 39 yrs, J.Anuradha W/o Lingaiah, 63 and D. Venkatamma W/o Venkataiah, 35. They caught hold of the accused red-handed in a rape case in Cr.No.185/2015, U/Sec. 376 (2) (1) IPC and rescued the victim.

Bejagam Keshavulu, S/o Anjaiah, 39, and Abdul Saleem S/o Mohd Mahaboob Ali, 38. There was a law & Order problem in Sy.No.64/1 at Nehru Nagar, Chandanagar regarding the construction of Sai Baba Temple near Masjid. In this issue, there was a tense situation between both Hindu &Muslim Community people. These two have responded spontaneously and suppressed the situation. Earlier, in the year 1987, a curfew had been ordered over this issue. The nominees have played a vital role by coordinating with the elders & people of both communities to maintain peace & Harmony.(NSS)