Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Cupid strikes Afzulgunj Police facebook page, Love tips galore

Isn’t shocking when you find Love making tips on the official Facebook page of Police, instead of tips on safety and self defense?…

It happens with the Netizens on Friday, when they logged into the official Facebook page of Afzalgunj Police, in Hyderabad and found Love tips on the official page. For some time the post caused a great distress among the Netizens.

The post “ten kissing tips you need to know’, was uploaded on PS Afzalgunj page on August 27 around 5.29 am and was on the official page till 2:04 pm. Minutes after the pictures were uploaded, five people liked it.

It seems the post was a reminder for police on the bane of social media. Soon after noticing it, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), East Zone, A Ravinder immediately removed the offensive post. However before the police remove it, many Netizens noticed the post and posted comments, leaving the police in great embarrassment.

“We immediately removed the post that was uploaded by one of the friends of the Facebook page and blocked the account of the person,” the DCP commented.

The official Facebook page of Afzalgunj Police, ‘PS Afzalgunj’, is meant for making public aware of the police activities in the surrounding area and helps the needy to address their grievances. It is to be noted that social media platform plays a vital role for police in reaching out to the public.

Meanwhile, the Afzulgunj police Inspector said that it happened because the administrator and other staff of police department have not well screened the posts on the official Facebook page of the police station.

However, Netizens have alleged that Police have reportedly failed in taking action against the two persons Madhu and Sagar, who have posted the indecent pictures on PS Afzalgunj page.

DCP called for an internal inquiry to identify the source of the post. The officials also directed the police to verify whether the page was hacked.