Sunday , May 28 2017
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Cruel mother attempts to drown her child in washing machine

Kozhikode: The phenomenon of daughters-in-law harassing their in-law is uncommon in Indian society. It is always the husbands and in- laws who used to harass the wives or daughter-in-laws and we rarely come across that a daughter-in-law harassed their-laws.

But, in the case of Fazna Fayaruddin, it is quite opposite. Fazna of Kozhikode, in a bid to convince her husband that the child was not safe and to move to her mother’s house threw her 3-week-old son into a washing machine.

On Thursday night, she raised an alarm and told neighbours that unidentified assailant, an threw chilli powder in her face and fled after throwing her baby into the washing machine.

Initially, Fazna claimed that she and the baby were attacked by an anonymous burglar but police found her statement to be contradictory as there is no chance of the entry of an outsider.

And the chilli powder which she claimed to be thrown by the intruder was from her kitchen. When she can’t convince the police, she changed her statement and alleged that her husband committed the crime and also point the finger at her in-laws.

When police found no proof of an unidentified person and cross-examine Fazna, she finally admits that to staged the drama to convince her husband Fayaruddin to shift.

The infant has been admitted and is undergoing treatment at ICU at Institute of Maternity and Child Health Kozhikode.

The baby boy is on the road to recovery and the police expect to interrogate the woman further on Saturday.