Friday , May 26 2017
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Crop Insurance Scheme failed to help Telengana farmers

The weather-based crop insurance scheme does not seem to have come to the rescue of farmers, who suffered losses.
Not even 10 per cent of farmers in the state, who have suffered huge losses due to drought during last year and this year, will be getting insurance amount.

Public sector banks have neglected collecting insurance premium from majority of the farmers pushing then into financial crisis now. However banks put the blame on farmers for refusing to pay premium.
According to the data available with State Level Bankers Committee. In the year 2014-2015 banks disbursed loans to 32 lakh farmers,but the agriculture Insurance company of India Ltd submitted a report to Telengana State Government that they have received the premium from just 1.50 lakh farmers, who will get the insurance and rest were not eligible.