Monday , August 21 2017
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Criminal Court announces Rs.10,000 penalty for delay in rape cases

The criminal court in capital declares that if delay in sexual assault cases results in in penalty of Rs10,000 from the salaries of policemen and laboratory officials.

The fast track court said ” It has been noticed that in most of the cases results are awaited from CFSL Rohini as well as CFSL Lodhi Colony, or result is being given after much delay ranging from six months to one year. This court is created for fast tracking trial of cases pertaining to section 376 of IPC. However, trials are being delayed due to non- filing of CFSL results.”

It is observed that the officials of laboratory and the cops are not giving much priority to rape cases while imposing a penalty on them. The forensic lab in Rohini had given the results of 4,000 pending cases.

The criminal court also said that .
” Directors of CFSL Rohini and Lodhi Colony are to ensure the speedy preparation of CFSL result in all the cases pending in this court related to sexual assault on women within two months from the date of receipt of the sample / exhibits, failing which a fine of Rs 10,000 will be imposed and deducted from the salary of concerned officials who failed to prepare the report within that period.”

The director of FSL Dr RK Sarin said. “There is manpower crunch in the lab as the crime rate had been increased suddenly. He said we need human resources for faster disposal of cases along with ample infrastructure. Recruitments are being done but are taking time with the selection of candidates and their verification. We are recruiting officers. Even if we recruit, training in specialised disciplines takes time.”

Dr Sarin also added that .” We have gradually improved the rate of disposal of cases by two to three times in past few months. The number of rape cases is increasing with increase in manpower and infrastructure, leading to the problem delay in disposal. As the court has snapped penalties for police and laboratory officials, we are somehow managing to dispose those cases for which time is lapsing before the court.”

Rajinder Singh Dangi the CFSL director was not present for the comment and Dr B K Mahapatra,_head of the department,Biology division CFSL comments by saying he is not authorised to speak to media and said they are working on pending cases.