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Crime In Hyderabad (2.12.2015)

Notorious thief arrested

(Siasat News): Police has arrested a notorious thief at Falaknuma in the old city when he was trying to snatch a cellphone from one Mirza Wajahat Ali by brandishing a knife.

According to inspector police Falaknuma Mr. Kiran Kumar, the notorious thief Hasan Barakba, 40, was arrested red-handed.

The accused, a resident of Errakunta, Pahadi Shareef was involved in extortion, theft and other crimes.

Man arrested for sexual exploitation

(Siasat News): Dundigal police has arrested a man involved in sexual exploitation of a girl on the false promise of marrying her.

It is said that the police has arrested a car driver Naga Raju, 26, who had repeatedly raped his girl friend saying that he would marry her.

As per the details, the Naga Raju, resident of Pandu Basthi and a 23-year-old girl residing near Rajiv Gruha Kalpa were in love for quite some time and dating each other. Not only this, Naga Raju had borrowed Rs. 50,000 from her to start his own business.

Last month, he had called her to one of his friend’s house and raped her. Just two days back, he reached the house of the girl and insisted her to accompany him but the girl had flatly refused to oblige.

Over this, Naga Raju had lost his temperament and threatened her that he would upload the obscene video of her featuring him too.

Police said that Naga Raju had repeatedly raped her and the girl surrendered to him just because she was under the impression that Naga Raju would ultimately marry her but it did not materialize.

The girl lodged her complaint with Dundigal police and it immediately came into action and arrested him.

Further investigations are on.

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