Friday , July 21 2017
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Cow gives milk not vote – Bihar election results proved; Other parties which polled 7% votes tilted the balance in favour of BJP in some Muslim areas

Patna: The results of Bihar Assembly elections are being seen as the big jolt to the personality of PM Narendra Modi. NDA has practically been wiped out from Bihar. After assuming power in the Center, it is the second largest defeat for BJP, the first being Delhi elections.

It may be noted that in Delhi BJP got only 3 out of 70 Assembly seats. After the Lok Sabha Election in May 2013 BJP recorded success in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand. It also became part of coalition in Kashmir sharing power with PDP but it seems the Narendra Modi wave is waning now. Thinks have completely changed. In Bihar Narendra Modi campaigned aggressively but beef, Dadri, Pakistan, Dalit, Intolerance and Dal price were the issues which let down BJP in Bihar. The results of Bihar Assembly polls would certainly cast their shadows on the policies of the Center. It seems that the magic of Modi is coming to an end. BJP assumed power in the Center raising the slogan “Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas” but immediately after forming the Government, it deviated from its election promise. It promoted communal hatred and the feeling of intolerance in the country. During election campaign in Bihar, the pungent remarks made by BJP leaders turned the people against BJP and its hate politics.

It may be remembered that BJP President, Amit Shah addressed several rallies. In one of his election meetings, he remarked that if BJP is defeated in Bihar, “crackers would be fired in Pakistan”. Mr. Narendra Modi had announced a special package of Rs. 1.25 lakh crore for Bihar just before elections but the people have lost faith in the promises of development now. The election results of Bihar have proved that people do not believe in the promises made by Mr. Narendra Modi. They are vexed up with the atmosphere of intolerance in the country. Some strange and interesting comments are getting viral on social media. In the context of beef eating, a remark is being circulated saying “Cow gives milk not vote”. In another review it was mentioned that “Dadri, Dalit and Dal wiped out BJP in Bihar”. Many comments were made on Amit Shah’s remarks on crackers in Pakistan. These days, many comments are being made on the advice given to superstar Shah Rukh Khan for going to Pakistan and also his view on intolerance and communalism.

Foreign media also reflected the impressions of the people of India on Bihar election results. PM Narendra Modi is visiting the UK next week. British Daily “Guardian” wrote that BJP’s defeat in Bihar is being construed as the failure of BJP and that Modi’s appeal to voters is losing its effect. The news paper also wrote that the promises which Modi made last year have not yet been started.

Pakistan’s popular Daily “Dawn” wrote that the beef politics and intolerance played a key role in Bihar elections. In the same manner “The News” wrote that BJP’s defeat in BJP is a big jolt to Narendra Modi. “New York Times” declared that it is the defeat of Modi. China’s New Agency remarked on Bihar election result that BJP’s defeat in Eastern State of India is a big blow to the economic policies of Narendra Modi.

Political analysts are of the opinion that in many constituencies of Bihar where BJP was successful is the result of division of secular votes. The other parties which polled only 7% votes tilted the balance of votes in favour of BJP.