Wednesday , July 26 2017
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Countries must unite to tackle terrorism virus: ex-Mumbai police chief

New Delhi: Describing Friday night’s terror attack in Paris as very unfortunate and gruesome, former Mumbai police commissioner and now BJP leader Satyapal Singh said on Saturday that all countries must unite to tackle the terrorism virus.

“This is very unfortunate and very gruesome massacre. As Modi ji said all countries in the world have to unite against terrorism to tackle this as it is like virus. Till the time we don’t face it, this will not be resolved,” said Satyapal Singh to ANI here.

Satyapal Singh also said that it will be a premature statement to compare this attack with Mumbai attacks as this is a very well planned attack and we should focus more on the reasons behind it.

Former police officer Y. P. Singh said he was shocked by the deadly attacks rocking the French capital, and added, “ISIS will try to hamper the law and order situation in India in days to come. ISIS as an organization, that is spreading in different locations. I think India should improve its intelligence up to such a level they can catch even small groups. As ISIS influence is growing.”

“Once there is sharing of intelligence, cracking of funds internationally. I think this would help the Indian intelligence agencies. The intelligence network has to be strengthen in a great way. Even if we demolish rule of ISIS in Iraq and Syria, it will not be eradicated but it will be dispersed which is a greater threat,” he stated further.

Y. P. Singh further added that Paris attack is somewhat influenced by the 26/11 Mumbai attacks.

The French capital was left in mourning and the world in unbelievable shock as scores were killed in the coordinated attacks late on Friday.

The deadly attack reportedly began in the Paris at a soccer stadium where a match was underway as explosions set off. Simultaneously, terrorists armed with AK-47s and bombs strapped to them began attacking in different sites throughout the city.

A state of emergency has been declared in France and all borders have been shut down until further notice while military reinforcements have been called in.

French President Francois Hollande sent out a strong message in a televised address to the grief and horror struck nation, asking them to stay united and swore the assailants responsible will face the consequences. (ANI)