Friday , May 26 2017
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Conversion of Wakf Property—CM urged to take action

Alleging  that there is serious threat to Wakf properties, the  Deccan Wakf Properties Protection Society has demanded the Telangana state  Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao  to take strict action against  the illegal and highly objectionable activities of the Revenue Department.

President of the Society Osman Bin Mohammed Al-hajri in a press note here alleged that the Hyderabad District Collector has issued pattas by converting Wakf property graveyard into poramboke land. He said there is a wakf property under Masjid-e-Chunti Shah, graveyard situated at Osmanpura, outside Chandeghat, Azampura, which is a Gazette notified wakf property, the total extent of land  under it being 8142 sq. yards, which consists of Masjid Chunti Shah graveyard and many houses.   The Hyderabad district collector had issued a proceedings on March 28, 2015, converting  the said wakf land from Graveyard to Poramboke land and issued pattas to the tenants of the wakf land occupants and other illegal occupants.  This is totally illegal and hurts the sentiments of Muslims by and large, he alleged.

            Strongly protesting against the illegal action, he demanded the Chief Minister to take strict action against the guilty. (NSS)