Tuesday , May 30 2017
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Conversion of State Highways into NHs in T discussed

Ramachandru Tejavath, Special Representative of Telangana State in New Delhi called on Vijay Chibbar, Union Secretary, Transport, Highways and Shipping at Transport Bhavan on Tuesday and submitted a memorandum requesting the Centre to consider conversion of State Highways into National Highways (six roads totalling 1015 KM), two-Lane to four-Lane, extension of NH and new highways connecting religious and tourist destinations (2-Lane roads of 557 KM). The Secretary assured to get the matter examined and called for an internal review meeting.

During the discussion, it is learnt that under the District Connectivity Program, two districts of Telangana — Karimnagar and Khammam — have been covered. Preparation of Detailed Project Report, for these two projects, needs to be expedited. Further, there is good scope to get new roads constructed under connectivity for world heritage, tourist and religious sites program as there are very good religious and tourist destinations in Telangana. (NSS)