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Contaminated water bane of Old City

Hyderabad: Massive contamination of drinking water is forcing residents of Shalibanda to consume polluted water. According to the residents, this persisting problem has now triggered panic among them.

“Every time we turn the taps on we get coloured water, sometimes it is green and sometimes it is yellow, with an unbearable stench. Now, we are forced to buy bottled waterfor consumption,” said A Wahed, resident of the area. Wahed added that there were new colonies coming up in the area, but were bereft of proper water supply.

Residents who have now come to dread drinking water in the area recalled how in 2012, as many as 60 people fell ill after consuming contaminated water. “We are compelled to think twice before we drink water,” said Syed Atatullah, another resident. The problem is not just limited to contaminated water. Residents say that the water pressure is also very low. Former councillor Syed Ghouse said: “There is no proper drainage system here. A lot of sewerage seeps into drinking water lines.” A five-star hotel in the area had cut off the storm water drain in the area as it hindered its appeal. “Ever since the storm water drain has been blocked the sewerage enters drinking water pipelines. People fall ill every month. Repeated complaints to concerned officials have failed to solve the problem,” he said. He was quick to add that many of these lines came into existence during the Nizam’s era which are now failing to keep up with the growing population.Whereas, HMWSSB officials say that they are taking up works to build a new drain in the area. With no proper piped water supply, residents have now turned skeptical over bottled water as well.

“There are no labels on the cans. As per norms, the companies must provide details of the salts and minerals present in the water. But even that is not done,” said Wahed. Residents rue that despite coming close to an epidemic like situation the government and the concerned civic bodies have not initiated any action on this front. Even today, people complain about stomach ailments. When we pay the bills on time why are we forced to consume such water,” questioned Syed Shafiuddin, another resident.

Courtesy:Times of India