Friday , August 18 2017
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‘Conspiring’ Congress can’t digest elected Govt., ‘popular’ PM: BJP

New Delhi: Hitting out at the Congress for spreading rumours that India was an ‘intolerant’ nation, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Tuesday said the grand old party was spreading a ‘web of conspiracy’ and was stooping to such low measures since they were ‘intolerant’ to a successful, elected government and the ‘popular’ Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“The Congress, which was involved in the massacre of 100 of Sikhs, took part in several riots. So, they must refrain from teaching India the language of tolerance or intolerance. They can’t tolerate a popular PM and an elected government, which is why they insult the nation when it is progressing,” BJP spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain told the media here.

He asserted that the Prime Minister had been working hard to take India’s name to great heights when he was abroad and the Congress was doing exactly the opposite from within the nation.

“Our Prime Minister said in Malaysia that terrorism can’t be linked to religion, what more can we say? Today the world is supporting India’s bid to join the United Nations Security Council, proving that we are tolerant,” Hussain added.

Training his guns on Aamir Khan for expressing his concerns over rising tolerance and admitting that his wife was considering ‘moving out’ of the nation, he asserted that the Bollywood star would not find any other nation more ‘tolerant’ than India.

“Want to ask Aamir Khan that who is advising him on the basis on which he is saying such things? Khaj ji, you can’t find a better nation in the world. Wherever you go, you will face intolerance, except India. All Muslims in India have the same right as anyone else,” Hussain said.

The BJP spokesperson expressed confidence that if Khan went around the nation, he would not come across anyone who wanted to leave ‘incredible’ India. He, however, added that the BJP was open to a debate where the actor could convince them that an Indian could be happy in another country.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has come out in support of the actor’s concerns and said that instead of branding all those who question the government as ‘unpatriotic’ or ‘anti-national’, they would do better to reach out to the people and try to understand the people’s problems.

Aamir had earlier voiced his concern that he and his wife were worried with the alarming rise in ‘intolerance’ in the nation and had considered leaving the country, fearing the fate of their child. (ANI)