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Congress should stop playing politics on acts of terror: BJP

New Delhi, Aug 1 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday said that Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad spoke out of sheer frustration when he said that they do not need any lecture on terrorism and added that the party needs to stop playing politics on acts of terror.

“Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad saying that they do not need any lecture on terrorism from Bharatiya Janata Party is spoken out of sheer frustration, when rightfully a mirror has been shown to the Congress Party yesterday by the Home Minister Mr. Rajnath Singh,” BJP leader Sambit Patra told ANI.

“When the Home Minister then, Mr. Sushilkumar Shinde, in one of the Congress’ conclaves, coined the term ‘saffron hindu terror,’ he received congratulatory note none other than Hafiz Saeed. And do you think under such situation, the BJP should not be showing them the mirror?” he added.

“Only day before yesterday, when Yakub was hanged, two top leaders of Congress Party Mr. Digvijay Singh and Mr. Shashi Tharoor were questioning the law system of the country. Mr. Digvijay Singh was infact questioning the dignity and credibility of the Supreme Court of the country and Mr. Shashi Tharoor had coined a derogatory term as ‘state’s sponsored murder’ and under such scenario, should we not show them the mirror? Is this the way the Congress speaks on terrorism? And the frustration of Congress is quite evident,” said Patra.

Patra also used this occasion to say that the Congress has always politicized terrorism.

With all due regards to Indira ji and Rajiv ji, one should never politicize these issues. And it’s an irony that Congress has always politicized terrorism, be it the Batla House incident, be it the incident of 26/11 when Digvijay Singh spoke out of term, even before the investigation was complete and was providing oxygen to Pakistan. Congress spoke out of turn in Yakub’s case also,” he said.

Giving a serious advice to Congress to “stop playing politics on acts of terror,” Patra added “As far as Kandahar issue is concerned, umpteen number of times the Congress has raised these issues, and those many times the Bharatiya Janata Party has asked the Congress that the Congress should come out clean, that should the 300 odd people, who were onboard the plane, should have been left to die? And whatever decision was taken then was a decision was which was taken in consensus with all the other political parties, including the Congress Party? The Congress should come clean on this.” (ANI)