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Congress says it has never demanded Najeeb Jung’s resignation

New Delhi, Sept. 27 : The Congress Party on Sunday clarified that it has never demanded the resignation of Lt. Gov. Najeeb Jung and maintained that one of its leaders, Manish Tewari, had made a statement on Jung that was completely his personal view.

“We have never demanded the resignation of the LG. Recently, Manish Tewari has made a comment, that is completely his personal view and he is entitled to his own view. He is not the official spokesperson of the party and also he is not related to Delhi politics as such,” Congress leader Sharmishtha Mukherjee told ANI.

“No Delhi senior leader, including Ajay Maken, has ever demanded the LG’s resignation. To unnecessarily track Congress in the way Arvind Kejriwal has done in his tweet which is absolutely unfair and unjust. It’s completely wrong on his part to have done that,” she added.

Mukherjee further said, “What BJP has said, we can’t answer for that. That is their own party issue. Any constitutional office, whether it’s the President, the Vice President, the Governors, the LG, it has got certain dignity. You might agree or disagree with certain point of views but I think that dignity of the office has to be kept in mind.”

The Congress leader also said that the way Arvind Kejriwal in one of his interviews has used obnoxious and abusive language against the LG, is highly condemnable.

Congress leader Manish Tewari yesterday called for the removal of Jung, saying that the latter has undermined the federal basis of the constitution and is not fit to occupy the post.

Reacting to this, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that Jung is a good man with bad political bosses and is only following the orders of the Prime Minister Office (PMO).

“Congress n BJP both demanding Sh Najeeb Jung’s removal? Strange. Is he at fault? No. He is doin what PMO is asking him to do. Removing him will not help. His successor wud also do same if PMO kept interfering. Real solution is PMO shud stop interfering in Delhi (sic)” he had tweeted. (ANI)